Owners often overlook the importance of the Program Managers’ input in the project development stage before the purchase of the asset or site. PBH & Associates should be the Owners keystone member when assembling the team for a successful project. Ultimately, the Owner must bring the project to life through due diligence, design, construction, installation and operations. A Program Management team is an integral part of this process.

PBH & Associates will work with the Owner reviewing the program with the consideration to assembling an experienced team of Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, General Contractors and FF&E Consultants. PBH & Associates, with the Owners support, will work with the team as they evaluate the hotel type, site, environmental needs, entitlements, model room, construction, budget and schedule. This preparation is the basis for a successful operation and return on investment. Time is gold and gold is in the details.
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